Xprinter 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer XP-Q200

Source: Kunshan TES Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.2021-06-18


  1. 200mm/s, low noise, high speed printing.
  2. Support cash drawer drive, built-in wall mounting, support printing in the kitchen and network printing.
  3. Support IAP online upgrade, save time and save worry.
  4. Adopt completely new rotating cut calibration technique, prevent cutter stuck.
  5. Support energy control, print head overheat protection, which keep print head lifetime much longer.
  6. Support NVLOGO downloaded picture printing ( Picture format: BMP)
  7. Support order acceptance prompt and error alarm function. Support many kinds of 1D barcode, 2D barcode printing.
  8. Support order lost-free function, prevent losing orders.
  9. Support Linux system drive, support advanced OPOS drive.
  10. Buit-in automatic paper cutting function, be strongly compatible with ESC/POS command.
  11. Paper easy loading structure design, with detection of paper, and support positioning, ensure quick continuous printing position.
  12. Strong printing commands of custom graphics and custom characters, ensure clear and aesthetic printing.


Telecom receipt printing, bank receipt printing, sports lottery, supermarket receipt printing, hospital receipt printing, shopping mall receipt printing, take-away and kitchen printing


  1. XP-Q200
  2. Printing method: Direct line Thermal
  3. Printing speed: 200 mm/s
  4. Printing width: 72 mm
  5. Printing paper width: 79.5±0.5mm
  6. Printing paper diameter: 80mm
  7. Printing density: 576 dots/line or 512 dots/line
  8. Chracter size: ANK, Font A: 1.5 x 3.0mm
    Font B: 1.1 x 2.1 mm
    simplified/traditional Chinese: 3.0 x 3.0 mm
  9. Line space: 3.75mm ( changeable by commands)
  10. Interface type: USB+LAN/USB+ Serial/ USB+ Parallel
  11. Barcode Type: 1D barcode / 2D barcode


  1. NV flash buffer: 256k bytes
  2. Input buffer: 64k bytes

Power adapter: Input: AC 220V, 50 ~ 60 Hz
Power: DC 24V/2.5A
Cash drawer output: DC 24V/1A

Reliability: Print head lifetime: 100 km, cutter lifetime: 1 million times


Weight: 1.3 kg ( without battery)
Appearance size: 183 x 143.5 x 135 mm(Depth x width x height)

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