How to import thermal printers and thermal papers from China ?

Source: Kunshan TES Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.2021-04-13

According to the experiences in foreign trade for many years, we believe many importers, wholesalers and distributors have the same question, if their products are not thermal printers and thermal papers, they face the same question.

  1. Thermal printers and thermal papers are in small volume. Even if you are buying not a little volume, the final cost seems to high because of customs declaration and shipping cost. Because basic cost is high, including customs declaration fee、warehouse-in fee and etc. at the port of departure. And there are many charging items at the port of destination. Here is e.g. for product exported to Australia, which is about 253 US Dollars ( less than 1000 kgs)
  1. For those wholesalers of different products, it will take a lot of time and energy to arrange each shipment.If you have partner in China, it should be in one shipment, and basic shipping cost only to be paid one time. If it is properly managed, it’s ok for your stock catering for 20 days to 30 days only. You only need focus on sales and marketing, workload on purchasing will be much less.
  2. If you are lucky, you would encounter with some partner who are specialized in some industry for many years…
  3. Banking charge for US dollars is generally between 10 US dollars to 30 US dollars, while almost there is no banking charges in domestic payment.
  4. Please be sure you open your US dollar bank account at the large bank. Because banking charge is determined by the quantity of intermediary banks. US dollars payment from small bank will also be transferred to large bank……every intermediary bank will have a banking charge. So total banking charge will be big from small banks.
  5. If your areas is in Europe or US, and your supplier have local bank account in Europe and US, you are lucky, because there is no intermediary banks for future payment, banking charges will be much less, and it only takes several hours or several seconds before payment received.
  6. Find your co-founders if your operating cost as an importer is too much.

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