2D Image Platform scanner A-700

Source: Kunshan TES Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.2021-05-07

A-700 Features

–  Stylish and compact, attractive.

–  Automatic dormant mode, energy-saving.

–  300,000 pixels global shutter, with great speed and precision.

–  Minimum resolution: 4 mils

–  Bright White LED for illuminating scanning surfaces.

–  Read all mainstream 1D&2D bar codes.

–  Strong body with scratch-resistant material.

–  Quickly read various LCD and OLED mobile phone screen codes and printed product codes.

Product maintenance tips?

1. The reading window must be kept clean.

2. Avoid hard and rough objects to wear or scratch the reading window;

3. Use a brush to remove stains on the reading window;

4. Please use a soft cloth to clean the window, such as glasses cleaning cloth;

5. It is forbidden to spray any liquid on the window;

6. It is forbidden to use any cleaning agents other than clean water.

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