2D Corded Image scanner A-9295

Source: Kunshan TES Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.2021-05-07

A-9295 Features

–  4mils precision superior performance.

–  Rugged dust and water-resistant design.

–  Supports free switch between handheld & auto-detection mode.

–  Accurate identification of universal 1D&2D  barcode.

–  Reads even poor quality labels well.

–  Works with Microsoft Windows/Linux/Android/iOS/MacOS systems.

Product maintenance tips?

1. The reading window must be kept clean.

2. Avoid hard and rough objects to wear or scratch the reading window;

3. Use a brush to remove stains on the reading window;

4. Please use a soft cloth to clean the window, such as glasses cleaning cloth;

5. It is forbidden to spray any liquid on the window;

6. It is forbidden to use any cleaning agents other than clean water.

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